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Makes Drafting a Breeze. The Outlook and Word specific macros are a game changer. If you spend hours redlining and editing documents, this keyboard has the potential to significantly boost your efficiency. Being able to add a footnote or comment or bulleted list in a WordDoc or Email without touching my mouse has made editing so much more enjoyable.

James DeweyCommercial Cannabis Attorney

I cannot imagine a world without the keyboard now. It saves me so much time at work with formatting and track changes. I love the look and feel of it. My favorite part are the pilcrow and silcrow keys.

Jacob MalafskySupervising Attorney at Queens Legal Services

Things should look good and feel good and work well, and this keyboard does all three... it has been a great boon to my legal writing.

Brendan KennyTrial Lawyer, Legal Writer, Persuasion-ist: Hellmuth & Johnson

“I’ve looked at other legal keyboards and they’re designed either by or for litigators. LegalType is the only one I’ve seen that is easily customizable. It worked well when I got it, but after my customizations, it’s even faster and easier than dictation, and I don’t have to hire a transcriptionist.”

Cassady TolesOakland-based transactional attorney


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why i created legaltype

a story written by our CEO

The inspiration that led me to invent the LegalType keyboard sprang from a deep appreciation for the lawyers I met at a San Francisco soup kitchen in 2013. That evening I sat across from a woman and introduced myself: “Hi, my name is Daniela. I’m an inventor. What’s your name?” She shook my hand and asked me if I was paying for intellectual property. I said “Yes” and her response was to stop. She told me that she worked with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and that she could connect me with lawyers, who would help me at no cost. I was approved for a program that offers legal services as a way of bringing economic justice to entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. They paired me with an incredible global law firm and gave me the opportunity to live the life of an inventor. That’s why, out of gratitude, I was inspired to create a beautiful and functional smart keyboard just for lawyers. Their lives revolve around typing, and they deserve a sophisticated keyboard that makes legal writing easy and fun.

Our company was founded as a Benefit Corporation. We benefit